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Casino Heist Challenge Live - $100 Billion = Free Car + $1 Million #GTAOnline #NEO1

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Hey guys welcome to my channel :) I’m a small time streamer looking to grow my channel, learning something new each day to make the next stream better than the one ’s all fun and entertainment and just a good laugh, if you join my stream one day you’ll know what I mean haha crazy people around YouTube but I love you all ????????????

My awesome subscribers make it all worth while and fun so a BIG thank you to you all and if you’re new and it’s the first time you’ve been here subscribe please I appreciate it and thank youuu also ????
If you join my next live stream and let me know you have subscribed I will shout you out and get my guys to show you some love in chat ????

- GTAOnline Legit Money Grinder ????

- In The Top 5 Richest players of all time ???? ???? ????

- The fastest money grinder of all time ???? ( #1 Grinder )

- Proud owner and leader of the NEO1 and NEOX crews ✌️

Looking to take the crew over to PS5 and GTA6 to grow our community and discord with positivity and cool people.

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