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Free Advanced Settings for DiceBot | Online Casino Bot

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Free Advanced Settings for DiceBot | Primedice | 999Dice | Stake

Happy Valentines Day!

Welcome back to another video production!
Using DiceBot today with Advanced Mode, testing a new strategy.
If it works we shall code it up! Stay tuned . . . going to code it!
Looking good, I just ramped up the right one. Keep on rolling baby!
Cheers to all around the world. Roll on. Roll safe.
Never roll with more than you can afford to lose. This is gambling.
Modify for your own balance, playing style. Change it up!
The video is shown at 5x speed so that it's not soo hard to watch.
Let me know what you think in the comments.
Thanks for watching. Please like and sub if you want to see more ;)
I'm playing on Stake and Primedice today.
Our NEW Stake users get a $7 welcome bonus and rakeback enabled on their account. See description for more details.
Cheers amigos y amigas. Happy Valentines Day!!! Peace out!
Johnny at find all of our scripts and more.
Until next time. Going to stop these or one of them and start coding.
Okay, really going to stop it now lol. Cheers

New Stake users can test the settings with a $7 free welcome bonus! Just leave your username in the comments section, like and sub! Use our link and also get Rakeback enabled on your account when you send rakeback code, "BitcoinWizards" to live chat support.
- Our Stake signup link for the bonuses.

We also play on:

All settings are shown in this video. Dicebot is free and can be found by googling, "dicebot". Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions.

Johnny from

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