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Old School Slots Presents: Mrs Old School Slots Birthday Bash Part 3! Will The Stars Align For Us?

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It's a BIRTHDAY BASH for MOSS! Today is the actual day and we test the birthday magic again! The morning started with our free play and some $10 spins at 3X4X5X. Some $20 spins at Double Diamond Haywire came next along with some $15 spins at Cash Time! We moved on to play some $20 spins at Cigar and Double Diamond Deluxe and then MOSS wanted me to push the button at Triple Double Diamond. Some *High Limit* spins came next with $25 at Double Diamond and $50 spins at Double Diamond Deluxe! As always MOSS and I hope you enjoy this special and it's not over! Mrs Old School's birthday luck continues on the next visits to the Tuned!!! Cheers!

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