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Our Winnings Rise from the Ashes with Phoenix Storm - Mighty Cash Ultra Slot Bonuses! | Aristocrat

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After playing some Mighty Cash Games -we wanted to try our hand at the Mighty Cash Ultra would it the payouts be yet another mythical bird deliver riches beyond our wildest dreams (or at least a decent payout for our bet level)? We left quite happy after a great session of play and multiple bonuses - where we finally DID catch the Ultra version.

Side are a TON of mythical flying creatures in slot machines: phoenixes, dragons, griffins, (possibly unicorns too - though there seem to be ones with and without wings). Anyway - evidently flying birds bring tremendous luck?

00:00 Intro
00:18 Mighty Cash Bonus
01:49 Mighty Cash Bonus #2
03:35 Mighty Cash Bonus #3
05:13 Mighty Cash ULTRA Bonus
07:56 Summary

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