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Roulette Software Test on Live Roulette with Real Money| Sequential Mode | Roulette Strategy

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Welcome to my Channel.

Roulette is a game of 37 Numbers,
Who ever thinks, that is impossible to beat the Roulette game they're absolutely Wrong,

First of all, think it from the side of a Casino owner, They are online to beat people by their system, they are doing it by professionals, they have the complete plan of how to keep people playing again and again and loose money to their system, they are being bigger and bigger every day because of people are loosing more money than they are winning,

Now look at yourself, You are playing alone / with no plan/ no Systems/ no Strategy / no analysis, you are just playing against the professionals who have Billions against your little Bankroll, You will be definitely looser with no hope. What you need to be is a majority winner, Of course you will not win every spin, but you need to be winner most of the time. To be a majority winner you must need to create your own plan, and use professional systems which are absolutely logical.
Thanks for watching my Videos.

Every strategy is best on their own position,
If you want to be professional you Must learn as more as you can Learn, that better as it is for you. not only the best one, it is important to Learn some basic strategies also,

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Color strategy:
You will understand the nature of the board, once you get a chance you can apply the technique,
It goes maximum 3- 4 progressions, but not every time, most of the time you will win on the 1st progression as you can see on the video, you can target 20 $ per session and you can do 4 - 5 sessions a day.
#Demo Video :

Dozen Strategy:
I write down the numbers roulette produces, and if i find out a opportunity to bet, i place bets, i place bets on 2 dozens at a time by doing this it increases more chance to win,
its one of my favourite strategy i have made, Works very perfectly, it sometimes goes on maximum of 3 progression, but it mostly makes me winner every time, it works very fantastic, you can target $20 per session and you can do 5 sessions a day.

Fixed Number strategy :
You will Select Some Numbers from Both Color After selection of the numbers from both (red and black) i use my short cut color strategy to find out what's the next color, then i put bets on those selected numbers from the color that i Selected with,, you can target $30- $50 per session,very good and Perfect System for Profit.
#Demo Video :

12 Number System:
Best strategy about Number Technique, basically you will win most of the time with this Number strategy technique, you will find out an opportunity to bet, once you get the opportunity you will apply this system. in this technique you will select the 12 numbers By one of the easiest way of dozen and color selection Strategy, It works very fantastic as you can see on the video. With this strategy on live Roulette You can make USD 200 - USD1000 daily it Depends on your budged.
#Demo Video :

Number Predictor Software:
This is a Roulette Number Predicting software, which follows the patterns and shows the numbers against the odds.
#Demo Video :

**{Best System} Inside Betting System :
With the (Inside Betting System) You will get some analyzed numbers which were tested 10000 times, And you will learn the Miss-direction / Domination system which will help you to understand when the casino is chasing Will Help you a lot from loosing money on Casino. Simply you will stop playing while the miss direction system is matching.
Also you will learn a new and Powerful Flat betting system absolutely for free.**
(To Learn better System Of course you must spend good amount of money)
Demo Video :

Watch all the video on my Channel:

( Contact To purchase : Jahid80004@ )

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