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Someone Created A Fire Near Chernobyl & Just Increased The Radiation Levels 16 Times Above Normal

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Someone created a fire near Chernobyl & just increased the radiation levels 16 times above normal. Today, we take a look at the fire that someone just started in Chernobyl.

According to Yegor Firsov, the head of Ukraine's ecological inspection, the radiation is above normal in the centre of the fire. Yegor posted the video of the reading of the Geiger Muller counter on his Facebook page showing the increasing level of radiation.

According to the emergency service, the maximum allowable amount of natural background radiation is , unfortunately, Yegor Geiger counter read more than 4 times that level. The fire incidence could not be put out immediately because the radiation level was 16 times above the normal level that was discovered, and so nothing could be done to put out the fire.

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