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X Press Pearl Ship Under Water Inspection | Sinking X-PRESS PEARL Container Ship |

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Brand new ship got fire in Colombo ,brand new container ship x press perl got fired at anchor

Cargo in containers on board of container ship X PRESS PEARL caught fire in the afternoon May 20, on Colombo Anchorage. The ship arrived at Colombo anchorage on May 19 from Hazira India, with 1486 containers on board, loaded among other goods, with nitric acid, other chemicals and cosmetics. Sri Lankan Navy is engaged in fire fighting, as of 0330 UTC May 21 the ship was in the same position, understood firefighting still continues, with deployment of tug or tugs, including offshore tug, and probably, Navy ships, too.
According to Sri Lankan Navy press-release, ship is manned with 25 crew, which includes Philippine, Chinese, Indian and Russian nationalities. The ship is brand new, she was built in China, started trading in Feb this year.

Sri Lanka Air Force deployed a Bell 212 Helicopter to monitor sinking X-PRESS PEARL Container Ship (02).

All photos courtesy Sri Lanka Navy / Air Force
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